We are in the midst of a social crisis. We live in a culture where the abundance of porn is celebrated. We live in a culture where girls and women are objectified, oppressed, assaulted, raped and trafficked to fulfill a wide range of sexual fantasies of mostly men. We live in a culture where children as young as eight years old are as likely to see online porn by accident as they are to deliberately search for it. We live in a culture that tries to reduce alcohol, drug and tobacco consumption, but stays silent when it comes to the aggressive prevalence of violent online pornography.

We live in a coward culture.

Porn Free World will break the silence about the undeniable harms caused by the production and consumption of pornography. We call all men and women who care about our own and our future generations to take a stand and to fight for a world where porn is something hidden in a few dark corners of our society. This is in stark constrast with the reality today. Porn isn’t a hidden secret. It’s freely available on every internet connected device that most of us literally have within arm's reach.

The effects on our society and public health are devastating. This is a fight for everyone and by everyone. For liberals and conservatives, for citizens and politicians, for believers and non-believers, for men and women, for children and elderly people.

Our Goals

Our Vision

The threat that pornography poses to our society must not be underestimated and the harm that has already been inflicted must not be dismissed. What started out as extreme subcategories is now made mainstream and we can only speculate of what is to come. But all hope is not lost. Porn Free World will be raising a loud voice to call for building and fostering a society where women will feel safe when men are around. A society in which a women enjoys having more men around because she knows that those men appreciate, respect and protect her, and view her as a beautiful person. Not because of the way she looks, but for the mere fact that she is a women. That’s what we cherish, that’s what we fight for.

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